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The Research Medical Library is not aware of any organization or website that has published a centralized comparison of journal acceptance rates.  This may be due to a number of factors.  First, journal acceptance rates vary widely for many reasons beyond a simple “impact” or “prestige" factor.  For instance, a specialty journal that addresses only one disease or condition will likely have a higher acceptance rate than a more general medical journal because the general journal will receive many more submissions to choose from.  In addition, many journals may not want to advertise their acceptance rate, either for fear it will discourage some authors from submitting if it’s a very low rate, or because they're concerned people will dismiss the journal as unimportant if it’s a high rate of acceptance.   Finally, some journals may not keep track of their acceptance rate, while those that do may do so inconsistently.  For instance, one journal might count all submissions, while another might only count submissions that are entered into the peer review process.

If a particular journal's acceptance rate is not available on the journal's website, e-mailing the journal editor or other staff is likely the best way to get that information.

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