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Gifts are accepted on a limited basis, with the understanding that the library may add them to the collection at its discretion or dispose of them if they do not meet the standards for selection. As a general rule, gift books will be added to the collection based on the same criteria as purchased material. The library reserves the right to determine the retention, location, cataloging treatment, and other considerations related to the use or disposition of all gifts. The library assumes no responsibility for appraisal of gift items, nor can the library accept items under restricted conditions. (

Whenever possible, contact the Collections Librarian (Allen Lopez to accept gifts in person. If the Collections Librarian is unavailable to meet, please contact to discuss the donation at a future date. Large donations cannot be accepted on site. Staff: Place the accepted items on the shelving in the staff offices near the break room, and contact the Collections Librarian regarding their acceptance and location. Provide contact information of the donor wherever possible.

Possible accepted donations include recent books (less than 5 years old) in medicine or specifically oncology, books featuring MD Anderson authors, books published by MD Anderson, or books about MD Anderson.

Possible unacceptable donations include fiction books, non-fiction books unrelated to medicine or oncology, magazines, academic journals.

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