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Yes you can! Use the Citation Finder website to export plain-text references from a Word document to a .RIS file (the type of file EndNote can import). Follow these instructions:

  1. Copy all of the references from the Word Document reference section
  2. Go to the Citation Finder Website ( and paste them in the text area (each reference must be on a separate line)
  3. Choose RIS for citation format
  4. Click the Search button to retrieve matches
  5. Check each result found, select the correct match for each item, then press "Download All" at the end of the page. (You can edit the citation text and search again if a good match wasn't found, or if no correct match was found, leave the item with no matches selected).
  6. Open the EndNote Library you wish to import the references to or create a new EndNote Library.
  7. After opening/creating the EndNote Library, click File > Import > File to locate the new .RIS file.
  8. Change the Import Option to Reference Manager (RIS) and then click Import (no need to change Duplicates or Text Translation options).
  9. Voilà – they should import into your library (you may need to review the references to ensure they formatted correctly)

Here's a screenshot illustrating the complete process:

Citation Finder Website:

Import into EndNote Library:

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